PP Strapping

Ruecom products include the most comprehensive range of Polypropylene (PP) strapping in the market place. Ruecom Polypropylene straps cover one of the widest range available in the packaging market from 5mm narrow straps for high speed applications to heavy duty straps. 

Key Feautures

  • Various colours

  • Various papercore

  • UV protection


  • Highly specialized equipment/application specific PP straps

  • Local technical and sales support

  • Packaging audits to ensure load security and reduce costs

  • Customized straps for special applications

Totally committed to meeting the needs of modern manufacturing industry and packaging expertise, offering a wide and comprehensive choice range of semiautomatic, automatic and hand Polypropylene strap, providing the products and solutions to meet all your strapping requirements.

Polypropylene Strapping Range

Complete polypropylene strapping range is available in a range of widths, colours and thicknesses. Colours are available subject to a minimum order quantity. The various series offers a ready and tailor-made optimized solutions according to strapping equipment utilized and type of package to be secured. This differentiated approach, contradictory to the one type fits all applications currently offered in the market, guarantees a strapping solution offering a high level of load security at the lowest strapping cost per package/pallet.

The PP series is offered in six distinct ranges

Hand Grade Strap for Hand Tool Applications 

  • Hand strap has particularly been developed for hand tool applications for light to medium applications and is compatible with all manual hand, battery powered and pneumatic hand tools. The Hand series, due to its unique manufacturing processing, offers higher strength at the strap’s most vulnerable point, the strap joint.

Machine Grade Strap for Semiautomatic Strapping Systems

  • Semiautomatic strapping systems typical utilize machine quality straps with specifications much higher than required for both the equipment and package secured. This machine grade series is the optimized solution offered the required strap stiffness for trouble free operation is semi automatic packages systems and higher strength at the straps most vulnerable point, the strap joint all at a considerably lower cost.

Machine Grade Strap for Large Arch Automatic Strapping Systems

  • Large Arch strapping systems are typically utilized in medium to heavy pallet strapping applications. Such systems and applications require a strap with a high stiffness ratio to operate trouble free through the strapping systems arch and a high break load and strap joint strength to be able to withstand violent package movement during transportation. This machine series has been designed exactly for such applications providing the exact required characteristics at a fair market price.

Standard Narrow Range – Width 4,5 to 6mm Strap

  • Standard Narrow Strap is the standard strapping solution typically utilized in the printed media and corrugated industry and is compatible with market strapping systems.

Silk Narrow Range – Width 4,5 to 6mm Strap

  • Silk Narrow strap is the premium narrow strap. This high end narrow strap offers considerable savings in indirect strap costs such as equipment down time, maintenance/service cost due to minimal dust residue.

ISB Narrow Range – Width 4,5 to 5mm Strap

  • Special strap series for Signode ISB strapping systems typically installed in the corrugated industry.

Range and Technical Specification

Ruecom Industries offers a complete range of Polypropylene straps. Please see below the most common products of our range.