PET Strapping

Ruecom PET straps range from General Purpose machine strapping to special Polyester strapping, embossed or smooth, with or without special lubrication for extra high tension suitable for all applications such as the timber, construction, cans, metals, corrugated etc.


  • Highly specialized application specific PET straps

  • Local technical and sales support

  • Packaging audits to ensure load security and reduce costs

  • Customized straps for special applications

Key Features

  • Impact resistance

  • Elasticity

  • Low Creep

  • Safety standards

  • Minimum product damage

  • Easier disposal-Recyclable material


  • Various colours

  • Standard and Jumbo coil

Polyester Strapping

Totally committed to meeting the needs of modern manufacturing industry, Ruecom Industries collectively offers our clients over half a century of packaging expertise, with the support and backing of our manufacturer. With a wide range of semiautomatic, automatic and specialist strapping machines - as well as high quality hand tools, consumables and the most comprehensive choice of polyester strapping available, we have the products and solutions to meet all your strapping requirements.

Polyester Strapping Ranges

Available in wide range of widths, colours and thicknesses. PET strap can be utilized from the lightest applications (for example strapping of construction tiles) up to the most demanding heavy cold applications in the aluminium and steel industry (where the material’s temperature is below 90 degrees Celsius).

The PET series is offered in six distinct application oriented ranges.

Bailing Range

Tensium Bailing range has been designed to offer extremely high joint strap strength and low elongation after bails are released form high force compression units.


Cans and Bottles Range

Wooden top boards, soft corrugated interlayer boards and pallet stacking applied in cans and bottles packaging require a strap capable of following package height dimensional change. Dedicated strap has been developed in order to deal with such demand, in terms of retained tension, requirements of strapped palletized cans and bottles.


Construction Range

Packaging materials utilized in the construction industry require a distinct set of characteristics in order to be able to withstand sharp edged surfaces, climatic impact due to outdoor storage and intense shock absorbance during transport and onsite installation. The Construction series has all the enhanced characteristics required to offer absolute load security to construction related packages.


Corrugated Range

Pallet strapping of bundled corrugated boards requires a delicate balance of offering a strap able to withstand the kickback of the pressurized corrugated stack, a high stiffness to run through large frames ratio and at the same instance have such a tensioning that will not destroy the delicate corrugated bungles. The Corrugated range offers a specialized high strength joint able to withstand pressurized corrugated bundles kick back and at the same time can be set up to a tension which will not harm the strapped goods.


General Application Range

General Application Strap is a dedicated range to manual hand, battery powered and pneumatic tools for light to medium applications.


Heavy Duty Range

Heavy applications in the Timber and Steel industry require all strap characteristics to be on the highest possible level. High break load, enhanced joint efficiency, high retained tension, durability to sharp edges and low creep are all distinctive characteristics of the Heavy Duty series.


Range and Technical Specifications

Ruecom Industries offers a complete range of Polyester straps.  Please see below the most common products of our range: